Sophie Lacombe is one of the antagonists in Contract Killer. The player meets her in the first mission until the very end of the story, where she backstabs you and you kill her.

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Role in the StoryEdit

Sophie Lacombe is the NPC that gives the player a tutorial to kill the right hand man of the Cartel leader. When she realizes that the Colonel Condor wants to kill Griffin, she tells him to hide. She is later kidnapped by the Jamaicans after Griffin speaks with Franco Luciani. Griffin rescues her, and she tells him the location of Kingston Royale, leader of the Jamaicans. Griffin fails to kill him, but Sophie says it is okay. At level 14, Sophie realizes that Franco Luciani is working with the Colonel, and orders Griffin to find Colonel Conrad. However, Griffin fails yet again. She appears again after Griffin kidnaps Franco and forces the location of the Colonel out of him. At level 17, she tells Griffin to kill Kingston Royale. Griffin later finds out that the entire mission was a ploy, and that Sophie was behind this plan all along. Stating that she is the new face of the IPF, she declares Griffin too dangerous to live. This quote is personified later on in the mission in that Griffin actually "kills" Sophie and her goons, despite her being your "ally".

At level 22, Sophie is somehow revived. In her second life, Griffin is her sworn enemy, and sends armies of thugs out to kill him.

At level 23, Sophie informs the Yakuza about her plan. She later gives a rather deceiving call to Griffin about his next "mission", which turns out to be yet another of her ploys. Griffin "kills" Sophie for the second time, after which he is contacted by Paul Helmeth, who explains that he was the one that hired Sophie to kill Griffin, but failed in killing him.

At level 24, Sophie is somehow revived yet again. She ambushes Griffin at Club Sky, and is killed for the third time; only this time, she actually dies. After completing the mission, Griffin gets contacted by Royale, cracking a joke to say that he would be going over to kick her to see if she is actually dead. After which, Sophie does not appear for the rest of the game.


  • Sophie's character is the only female enemy you will encounter in the game for now, and only she has the "female hurt sound" when she's killed as of the most recent update. However, she is not the only one who has the "female hurt sound", as various female civilians have this sound as well, but they have been removed.