A machine gun, or MG, is a high-capacity weapon fed from a belt or magazine. Machine guns have appeared in all games thus far.

Contract Killer Edit

The first game MGs appear in; only one is available for use.

  • Machine Gun - This generically-named weapon features the highest capacity of all non-Nanotech style weapons, with high damage and a decent rate of fire.

Contract Killer: Zombies Edit

The second game MGs appear in, with more available for use by the player.

  • The Hellfire Limited - A beefed-up version of the Hellfire with a gold body, higher capacity and higher damage.
  • The Hellfire - Appearing as a six-barreled minigun, the Hellfire is useful for providing suppressive fire towards zombies.
  • Mortara M75 - One of the most recurring guns in the entire series, the M75 combines the power of The Dominator and the magazine capacity of the .30 Light Machine Gun.
  • .30 Light Machine Gun - Firing a full power 7.62 (.30 caliber) cartridge, this LMG is a decently powered weapon that can provide suppressive fire.

Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy Edit

The third game in which MGs appear in, with only two available to the player.

  • Hellfire - A huge step up from the version in Zombies, this version of the weapon is highly overpowered, with high damage and an infinite ammo pool.
  • Mortara M75 - As with Zombies, the Mortara is back, except that it has to be built from scratch by winning multiple tournaments.
  • The Hellfire (unusable) - The same gun as with Zombies, except that it is now an NPC only weapon.

Contract Killer: Zombies 2: Origins Edit

The fourth game in which the MGs appear, the weapons now are shot in 3rd person.

  • .30 Light Machine Gun - As with the prequel, the LMG is still the weakest machine gun, but its price has been halved.
  • Mortara M75 - Once again, returning from the prequel, the Mortara is now given a huge price increase, making it the most powerful MG in the game.

Contract Killer: Sniper Edit

The fifth game where MGs appear, the weapons now have infinite ammo. To compensate for this, the weapons now overheat after a certain amount of time. They are now called Heavy Guns.

  • Mortara Elite - A version of the Mortara M75; except that the Mortara Elite is now the weakest MG in the game.
  • R&P-9 LMG - An oddly-fed machine gun using what looks like a side mounted STANAG drum magazine, the R&K is a decent weapon for the price.
  • R&P Elite - A buffed-up version of the R&P-9 with a unique camo pattern and better damage.
  • Volcano - A re-skinned version of the R&P Elite; it performs the same as the former.
  • XO Grinder - A powerful futuristic-styled MG, it is one of the more powerful MGs available.
  • Grinder Elite - A beefed-up version of the XO Grinder with higher damage and a unique camo pattern.
  • Leech (removed) - A beefed-up version of the ACR Elite with a different color and higher damage.
  • Reaper (removed) - A very powerful MG with a distinctive carrying handle, the Reaper is a formidable weapon for suppressive fire roles.
  • Reaper Elite (removed) - A beefed-up version of the Plague with a different color scheme and higher damage.
  • ACR Elite (removed) - A beefed-up version of the ACR 88 with a different color and higher damage.
  • Deck the Hells (removed) - A beefed-up, highly overpowered version of the Hellfire Tiger with christmas lights adorning the weapon, much higher damage and a longer overheat time.
  • Elf Eraser (removed) - A re-skinned Christmas-themed version of the Reaper with Christmas lights adorning it; it performs the same as the Reaper.
  • Plague - A beefed-up version of the Reaper with an ooze pattern and higher damage.
  • Sledgehammer - An extremely powerful drum-fed machine gun which is hard to earn.
  • Bec De Corbin - A beefed-up version of the Sledgehammer with a different color scheme and higher damage.
  • Hornet - A re-skinned promotional version of the ACR Elite; it performs the same as the former.
  • Hellfire Tiger - A futuristic five-barrelled machine gun, boasting the highest rate of fire of any gun in the game.
  • ACR 88 - A bullpup machine gun with a huge magazine, it is decently powered.
  • The Hellfire (unusable) - This weapon is wielded by Juggernauts and certain bosses.

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