Contract Killer: Zombies is the second of 4 games made by Glu for the Contract Killer Franchise. It uses coined weapon names instead of generic names like "Sniper Rifle" or "Assault Rifle".

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  • Miscellenous Survivors

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Contract Killer: Zombies has received rather mix criticism from fans of the contract killer series and one of the most ongoing discussions in recent reviews is that reviewers are demanding a change to the pricing of the in-game guns however this request has fallen on deaf ears and continues to leave the game as it is with no further plans to change gun prices nor double in-game payment upon completing missions.

The App Store currently rates the game at 4 stars making it a good game.

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  • The Medgun's sound is the exact same as the AI's pistols.
  • Shooter's real name is revealed when you become level 19 and finish the story mission, Evelyn asks for it and Shooter says "George...Bush".
  • At the end of the game we never find out what happens to Shooter, thus leaving his status unknown.
  • With Shooter's status remaining unknown and Wallis' death in the second game, Evelyn is the only confirmed survivor of the first game.
  • The most expensive gun in the game is "The Exterminator" costing a whopping 5000 gold or $100 in real life dollars... It has yet to get a discount.
  • The .44 magnum is the first gun you use in the game.
  • When you start the game, you can use an MP5 for free but after the first mission it is not usable and you must purchase it from the store for $5000 in-game dollars.