Contract Killer is the first game in the Contract Killer series. It is free to play and available on the app store.

Contract KIller
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Characters Edit

Locations Edit

  • [[SOHO Central]

Weapons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The sounds of The Defender were carried over to Contract Killer 2 for use with the Defender II.
  • Most of the weapons models and textures were based on real guns. The AS-50, Model 770 and Uzi designs were used in all Contract Killer games.
  • Contract Killer has more weapons than any other Contract KIller game.
  • One of Glu's best games,  it normally recieves 4-5 star reviews.
  • It uses the same gun audio files for most guns. Some exceptions, such as the Revolution and the Sniper Rifle have received their own exclusive sounds.

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